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Running PHP scripts in the background in Windows

So trying to run a background PHP script so you can fire off multiple concurrent scripts? A great example is letting an admin user fire off a db processing script that would need to run for a long time.  While doing the same in a linux environment is sort of a breeze using the php exec function (don't forget to redirect the output somewhere),  I discovered that in Windows, the same code didn't work,  php consistently kept waiting for the script to finish, thereby essentially locking up the sessioned user.  After searching high and low and coming across various ...
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Creating or changing htpasswd

You can create or edit an existing .htpasswd file.

To create: # htpasswd -c .htpasswd username To modify: # htpasswd .htpasswd existingusername

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How to add new users to EC2 and give SSH Key access

Here's how to add new users to an AMAZON EC2 linux instance and give them unique SSH Key access:

Say you are creating "user": Create a key on your own machine by entering the following:

# ssh -keygen -b 1024 -f user -t dsa
Don't use a paraphrase -- just hit enter.
You should now have two files compiled: user and
# chmod 600 Now transfer the public key file ( from your computer to the server. In this example, I use the /tmp/ directory.

Now SSH into your server using an account with root access, you will now need to create the user ...
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